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The threat of personal liability for compliance failures has added a new level of stress and intensity to your day-to-day. You need to surveil trading activity across trading systems, customers, firm activity, asset classes and geographies. Doing your job with a variety of ad hoc reports and stitched together in-house solutions isn’t making life any easier. That is why we are offering Validus Express - a free opportunity to turn your trading data into actionable risk analysis and compliance reports.

Simply sign up, upload your trading data and see how the Validus platform can make your job easier than ever.

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Why is Validus Express free?

When you’re considering a high-performance system, it makes sense to take it for a test drive. With Validus Express, you’ll get a feel for the power of the most advanced trading risk and surveillance solution available on the market today. The platform was designed from the ground up to meet the needs of your trading operations regardless of size and scope.

Once you and your team have had a chance to see what Validus Express can do for your firm, we know you’ll want to step up to Validus Cloud or Validus Enterprise.

Independent Trading Risk, Surveillance and Compliance Platform

Unlike proprietary solutions, Validus is designed to provide an independent view of all trading activity across your entire organization incorporating financial risk, trading analytics, operational controls, position monitoring and reconciliation. This approach removes firm-level biases and ensures that you will always be adhering to industry best practices.

Handles High-Speed and High-Volume Trading With Ease

Dealing with speed is crucial to your firm’s success. However, with speed comes risk. In many equity and futures markets, the majority of trading activity happens in less time than it takes you to blink your eyes. Validus has the ability to run in real time while handling any volume thrown its way, including 'fast markets', so you can stay on top of everything without missing a beat.

Validus Features/Pricing



  • T+1 data processing
  • FIX 4.2 / 4.4 support
  • Bloomberg support

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Everything in Express plus:

  • Validus dashboard UI
  • Automated T+1 processing

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Everything in Cloud plus:

  • Runtime data processing
  • Jupyter Notebook API
  • Custom file format integration

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